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When contacted they stated they were sorry and would gladly give me the item I paid for if I would again return to the store.

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Little things but what a change from the usual fast food experience.Take your survey card along with coupon code validation number into Burger King to receive your prize.


I ordered 2 Ham Egg Chz Croissant and wanted them cooked fresh.When visited your store located in Bremerton,WA. on Fairgrounds road on March 18, 2017 around 5:20 PM,I received a lack of Customer Service.I would have entered a survey, but the receipts are unreadable.I just wanted to make you aware of my most recent visit to one of your stores.

I complained at the time that if I wanted them microwave I would have fixed them myself.In my experience, people who use the word incompetent are usually lifeless, powerless people.Schwartz declined to say whether an uptick in customer traffic played a.

Stopped eating it about 20 minutes ago and my tongue is still burning from too much salt.When I got to the speaker the girl said if I could hold on a moment and said yes, but she took so long and so I said hello about 3 times and someone said hello mocking me very disrespectful.I was at the Buger King at 340 167th in Harvey Il. on the date of.

When customers visit the official Burger King website, they have the ability to review the menu options, find nutritional information and learn more about the corporate responsibility program.

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At 7:10, I FINALLY got my sandwiches, and one was undercooked, and both had very little lettuce.I repeated 15 sugars please, He said N, because the can only give me a limited amount.Why do you discriminate against customers at the drive through, because they don,t own a car.I want to do the Double Whopper and they say that I said the movie The Day Before I use it and today is a no.I told them I was unable to have milk products so they gave me a milky coffee, when they changed it for my requested black coffee the coffee was bad tasting.I stood at the counter for a few minutes then finally a female came from the drive in window and asked what I wanted.

We stood there for 7 min with not even a hello we will be right with you comment.I was having lunch with a neighbor when I overheard a sales meeting conducted by her in which she touched all areas of fast food operations.Called again not there ask to talk to RGM she was not very nice it is not my fault they messed up my order and she was laughing.I was hoping for there to be some sort of email address I could go to.The Investor Relations website contains information about Carrols Restaurant Group, Inc. business for stockholders, potential investors, and financial analysts.I told her I had other things to order, well that really pissed her off.

Never greeted me three or four people looked at me and never acknowledge me.Today I went through the drive thru, ordered, paid, finally left without my food.I get apologize but no better service. all I ask is for orders to come out right and hot.On Sunday September 6th I visited 7229 store at 2:43pm and was treated extremely rude by the staff in the drive thru.Even the mailman who dropped off the mail said good luck on getting served.