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Marijuana legalization is simply the complete government authorization of the substance.After all, certain studies did show that smoking five joints of Marijuana a week may be equivalent to smoking a full pack of cigarettes daily, in terms of the amount of cancer causing chemical Marijuana contains.Second, is Marijuana harmful enough to remain illegal and how does it compare to other legal illicit substances.New Zealand and Australia are also following the trend and are considering it for medical use.The first of these spokesmen was, believe it or not, a man representing the rope industry.

Research paper must be forward-thinking and consider both the initial impact, and how the criminal justice system would look 5-10 years after legalization.In the post-war years, however, there was found to be a significant increase in narcotic drug abuse and the public began to be concerned with the spread of narcotic addiction, particularly among young persons.In 1965 President Johnson passed the drug abuse control amendment targeting all illicit drugs, and then in 1969 President Nixon declared an all out war on drugs and crime, giving birth to what would become the drug war we see today.The government funded studies and advertisements that reach the public eye is misleading and to blatant, more fictional than the comic strip on the back of the Daily Star.They also emphasize the fact that they believe that Marinol, a synthetic form of THC, can be used as an alternative to Marijuana and makes the whole plant unnecessary.

I cannot say why the government insists on driving this propaganda machine forward or turning the other cheek as more and more states by way of democracy decide to decriminalize Marijuana, but I can only speculate that it is because of a few key political figures that reap profits from the drug war and that half the DEA would have nothing to do.Decriminalization insures no prison time or creation of a criminal record.

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During the war years the Bureau chose to concentrate on opiates and abandoned responsibility for most marijuana law enforcement to the states.The purpose of this latest rescheduling petition is to demonstrate through volumes of the latest scientific and medical research that cannabis does not have a high potential for abuse, has a relatively low dependence liability, is safe for use under medical supervision, and has an accepted medical use in the United States.Congressional furor was aroused by the assertion that the use of marihuana inevitably led to the use of these harder drugs, particularly heroin.Free marijuana papers, essays, and research. - The purpose of my paper is to prove that marijuana effects. or not to legalize marijuana for medical.Legalizing marijuana will reduce the use of alcohol and tobacco which are.

Although many states have legalized medical marijuana, possession, use and cultivation is still illegal on the federal level.IV. Attempts at Reclassification of Marijuana for Medical Purposes.As stated before, marijuana is classified by the federal government as a Schedule I drug, a reservation for the most dangerous drugs that have no recognized medical use.Opponents also claim that long-term use has shown changes in the brain similar to those seen from other drugs.

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To summarize this entire debate the underlying views of both the proponents and opponents of these three issues involving the legalization of Marijuana must be restated.Marijuana has some major medical uses that can beneficial to society.RE: How should i start out a thesis statement for Legalizing Marijuana.

In ohio say scientific research paper then marijuana research paper for thousands of marijuana.It is because of this and the immergence of new evidence, that the justification behind prohibition of this drug is being rethought scientifically, socially, and economically.

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Opponents of the first issue, whether Marijuana has medical value or not, believe that it simply possesses no medical use and can be avoided with synthetic alternatives to the plant itself.It was classified as a schedule I drug despite the fact that it was recommended by the CSA (controlled substances act) task force to not place it in this class.Proponents and economists both purpose that our economy could benefit from legalization (regulation), and commonly use Holland as an example.When the term decriminalization is used, what is proposed is the elimination of criminal penalties for marijuana, meaning that in most cases possession (with certain restrictions) would be treated as a civil offense and maximum charges could be a fine of a few hundred dollars.If the Government regulated and taxed Marijuana, similar numbers could be seen.Opponents against Marijuana legalization for all purposes believe that it is harmful to the users and therefore should remain illegal.M google webmaster tools has found a research paper on party identification and a.

Currently through taxation alone, tobacco and alcohol bring in 11.4 million annually to the government, and Marijuana would be believed to show similar return.Legalize Marijuana Research Papers and unique Legalize Marijuana papers from Your research paper is written.In 1996, California became the first state to legalize medical Marijuana, setting off a significant trend through the country.People no longer having access to alcohol went elsewhere for a recreational substance.Both imprisonment and the war cost our country, and therefore our people, money.Marijuana and Your Health: Just The Facts Part I This paper comprises three decades of scientific study on the negative and potential positive.

Legalization of Marijuana Research Paper.2012 Legalization of Medical Marijuana Imagine a woman who can no longer work.Drug War Facts, December 2007, Common Sense For Drug Policy, 26 February.The arrests of 830,000 people a year ruin the lives for many, stamping them with criminal records that they forever carry with them.

DC7C02 from the Executive Office of the President, Office of National Drug Control Policy.

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Public opinion on the medical value of marijuana has been sharply divided.Legal position of marijuana has been one of the most controversial topics for many decades.The fact is, that prohibitionists have an outdated ideology toward the matter, and what they believe is either based on false evidence from inferior scientific studies, or simply the result of nation-wide naivety that has rubbed off on them.Legalizing Marijuana Research Paper. can assist in making an educated decision when in the position of voting to legalize medical marijuana.One of the most overlooked issues in the legalization debate is the influence of Marijuana prohibition to our economy.These prohibitionists also state that Marijuana smoke has 50-70 percent more carcinogens than tobacco smoke, making it possibly more harmful than cigarettes.After continuing to rely on treaty commitments in their interpretation of scheduling related issues concerning the petition a Court decision made it clear that the CSA requires a full scientific and medical evaluation and the fulfillment of the rescheduling process before treaty commitments can be evaluated.

This clearly indicates an increased potency in the intoxicating chemical.Science is proving Marijuana to be quite harmless, and if you ask anyone that has broken what is possibly the most ridiculous law of our time and has tried Marijuana, they would probably tell you that they agree.