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Scientists study the animals and try to determine where they could be moved or protected.The original Indonesia forestry minister was more conservative and believed in the preservation of the magnificent rainforest.

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Humans carelessly remove blocks without much thought to them while natural selection carefully chooses each block and makes sure that other blocks are only slightly affected.Date: March 5, 2011 Source: University of California - Berkeley Summary: Researchers have delved into the fossil.Tracking the Course of Evolution EXTINCTION by Richard Cowen NOTE: This is page 1 of a three-page document.

To orient students to the plight of endangered species and to help them understand and gain perspective on human issues that continue to endanger species and threaten.

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It is only found on the northern part of Sumatra island, Indonesia.Their reproductive rates are lower than their mortality rates over long periods of time, so.Many breeding programs have been established to grow the population of a species.Survival of the fittest has led to the extinction of some rather astounding.In 1988, he was replaced by a forestry minister who was an agriculturist, a promoter of plantations.

The extinction of these animals and various species in polluted habitats and changes in global climate brought about by.When we hear of the term species, a class of individuals having common attributes and designated by a common name comes to mind.Learn more about the species we are working to protecting from becoming endangered or extinct.The introduction of exotic species is a main cause of extinction for many animals.Essay Title: Many species of animals and plants are in danger of becoming extinct.

There has been tighter restrictions put on legal hunting but many animals are illegally hunted.Sure the Earth is changing, but animals have to adapt to it if they want to survive, just like humans.With one species gone, the eco-system must find a new balance and repair itself, or others species will fail as well.

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Going Going Gone.Extinct. The causes of extinction can be classified as natural or human.A loss of biodiversity can mean the loss of possible discovery of treatments for diseases or health problems.

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It has been found that its saliva can help people with type-2 Diabetes.

The melting of the ice only means that polar bears will have less access to food, mating, and become extinct.Because he is an agriculturalist, he probably is encouraging people to cut down the rainforest in order for crops to be grown in its place.

E. O. Wilson says the causes of animals in danger of extinction can be explained using the acronym H-I-P-P-O, Hippo.Endangered Species: Facts. So if extinction is a natural process,. this is only counting the plants and animals that we know of.

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One in six of the planet’s species will be lost forever to extinction if world leaders fail to take action on climate change, according to a new analysis.Also, trees help remove CO2 from the atmosphere and deforestation slows down this process.

For example, polar bears rely on the arctic sea to hunt and live.They are not hunted directly but are caught in gillnets as fishing boats catch other fish.Lastly, many animals provide knowledge that help in science and biological sciences.De-Extinction - The Resurrection of Extinct Animals The Pros and Cons of Reintroducing Long-Extinct Mammals, Birds and Amphibians Share Pin.The fact these days is that there are many animals that are on the verge of being extinct.

One in six of world's species faces extinction due to