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McCandless- similarities 1. had an alias 2. kept only basic necessities 3. thought modern life was boring 4. fixated on the harsh side of life 5. both very smart differences 1.

People can speculate all they want, but unless they have had similar experiences as the individual, they must refrain all judgments.And the dangerous thing that he has done appeared to be escaping into the wilderness.This isolation was caused by his inability to forgive and his characteristic of being an introverted type of person.

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McCandless is admired by many for his adventurous spirit and courage.

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Annotation Targets: Into the Wild Annotation Guide While reading,.

He easily overlooked the flaws that an individual writer may have struggled with, truly trying to grasp the writing itself.

Chris also regards his parents in the same way, constantly pushing him.

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Group 1 Period 4 McCandless Types Section 2. Henry David Thoreau is a McCandless type because they are both into nature and they.Chris did not have to endure these misfortunes. 5.) John was always well prepared for his expeditions, and usually survived.

He had very strong beliefs along with the determination to let nothing stop him in his path.Waterman was very prepared for his journeys and survived all his.

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He looked towards philosophy when he was unsure of himself, and one can easily draw out the lessons he learned from brilliant minds of the past.

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He sacrificed everything to go on an adventure or a life time.

A person will try to pursue certainty and hopefulness because of.After graduation, he cuts all connections he has to the monotonous everyday actions of his old life and starts a new journey.Some authors use stories of other to compare them to the main character of the book.Relationships can be damaged by the findings of the reality of a situation.

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Gene probably took his own life pg. 75 2. He focused too much on hard work. 3. He was older than Chris when he went out pg. 75 4. Gene was prepared when he went out on his journey 5.Chris McCandless Into The Wild Book. John Mellon Waterman and Everett Ruess. Into Thin Air and just released in September 2009,.Chris goes through the motions of a normal kid all the way through college.Detailed Descriptions and Analysis of Into the Wild by John Krakauer. Another adventurer Krakauer considers is John Mallon Waterman. Notes. In this section.