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The second semester is devoted to completing the writing, and a full draft of the entire thesis must be submitted by March 15.Ultimately you should have a passion or deep interest in the question you research.In some cases, it may be possible for a student to devise a thesis project that meshes the thesis investigation with creative writing.This review article uses evidence from patent data and discusses the debate on whether technological advances have generated more or less worker autonomy.Completion of the senior thesis is one of the hallmarks of a quality Honors education.

Completing this Honors requirement provides you an opportunity to design a unique project that will.It is anticipated that a significant amount of research will go into this project.If you plan to conduct a meta-analysis in the social sciences, indicate the criteria to be used to select the publications for your analysis as well as the statistics you will apply.Beyond the MLA Handbook: Documenting Electronic Sources on the Internet by Andrew Harnack and Gene Kleppinger.It clearly identifies the question being asked, the hypothesis being tested, or the creative project to be completed.

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A completely revised thesis must be submitted electronically to the Honors College.The honors thesis provides an opportunity for University Honors Program (UHP) students to have a challenging capstone experience that encourages diligent and creative.He also gives examples of both positive functions and negative consequences of social capital.It is useful for my research because it defines the knowledge economy and provides both sides of the debate.

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This is very valuable for students interested in graduate school or careers requiring independent research skills, as well as for students interested in tying together their academic experience with an in-depth investigation of one topic.While most students research a topic of interest in their majors and develop a paper on that topic to complete their honors thesis requirments, there are multiple.

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The Honors College Thesis Program provides students with the opportunity to conduct original research and to use.The honors program in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies is open to majors who have strong academic records.All Schreyer Scholars are required to complete an undergraduate honors thesis.For students interested in finding out more, please attend the information session on honors theses that will be given by Asst. Prof. Sriniketh Nagavarapu at the beginning of every spring semester.

Students may earn honors in the concentration by successfully presenting a thesis, for the preparation of which they will normally.Depending upon your academic discipline, you may present your proposed activity as a research question, hypothesis(es), or creative activity with a stated goal or outcome(s).Honors Regulations: Candidates for Honors in SiSP must submit an Honors.Honors Thesis Defense Purpose: The thesis defense represents a ritual of closure marking the completion of a substantial academic achievement.Normally, the body of the proposal, including the literature review, the question being asked, the methodology and the expected results and conclusion sections, will not exceed five, double-spaced typewritten pages.The question may be one to which you have always wanted to know the answer, or it may reflect a question you identified from one of your classes or discussions with a professor.The Honors-chosen reviewer may or may not be from your disciplinary area, so you must prepare an oral presentation that is accessible to the whole academic community.The Department expects students to have two readers for the honors thesis, and one of them should normally have some connection with the Comparative Literature department.

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Amherst College Department of Mathematics and Computer Science Honors Projects in Computer Science.Describe the approaches you employed, and cite any relevant literature.This section of your thesis should be approximately 20 pages long, double-spaced, with page numbers at the bottom of each page.The Honors College is vested with the responsibility of overseeing undergraduate thesis work throughout the university and ensuring its.This review article discusses the origins and definitions of social capital in the writings of several scholars in the field.

In addition to discussing possible topics and directions for the thesis, students will want to discuss with the faculty person(s) procedural and technical matters as well.HONR 399, Honors Pre-Thesis, is a required one credit course designed to provide students with the necessary information to successfully complete the thesis requirement.If you have chosen to complete a creative project, you may submit a shorter written document in which you should answer the following questions.The department does not specify page lengths, methods, or topics.

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It is much more likely that a proposal will be returned to a student for revision and explanation of critical points identified by the Proposal Committee.

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A bound copy of the honors thesis will be placed in the political science department library.The final complete version of the thesis must be submitted by April 15.Each Wilkes Honors College student writes an honors thesis or completes a senior project as partial fulfillment of the degree requirements.

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Writing a senior honors thesis, or any major research essay, can seem daunting at first.It should incorporate comments and suggestions from the chair of the committee and must be suitable for oral defense.Completing this Honors College requirement provides you with an opportunity to design a unique project that will challenge you to reflect upon yours Honors education and to present your work to a group of faculty and your peers.

Prospective employers and graduate school admissions committees are impressed by the dedication and discipline required to write a thesis.October 15: Students planning to do honors theses in the department must submit the titles and abstracts of their projects as well as the names and signatures of their directors and second readers.For joint projects, the second reader may come from another department.

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In the case of a satisfactorily revised thesis, another oral presentation is not required.The honors thesis is a rewarding capstone experience for students and a gateway to research and other creative work beyond the undergraduate years.The student must defend the thesis before both members of his or her committee.